Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Usk park

Somewhere quiet to picnic
   This plaque tells of the history of the park which is a short walk from the Usk bus stops in Twyn Square and children can play whilst you lounge here as well as taking a look at the wild flower garden dedicated to Jane Hathaway. Brynbuga is the Welsh for Usk and the final part can be pronounced "beega" so as not to sound rude.

Possible Roman connection
   During the 1960's and 1970's excavations in Usk revealed the remains of two groups of granaries used to store the provisions needed to feed the Twentieth Roman Legion whilst it was stationed in Usk. Since these foundations were of wood, they were covered over again to avoid rot and it is difficult to find out where they were. Some knowledgeable local residents believe they may have been here, in this field, and say there interesting remains of occupation under the grass. If you Google the excavations you will see a photograph showing how huge these stores were by comparison to the diggers working on them. However, the size of the site suggests to some historians that the granaries were in the field behind the Sessions House. Later, because of flooding in Usk, the soldiers were moved to Caerleon.

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