Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Usk buses

What IS Usk?
   Usk is either a big village (as the cricket team would have it) or a small town (which their opponents would like as it would move the Usk champions into a different league where they would be safely out of the way).

Enjoy your wait
   It is served by 2 buses: the two hourly number 60: Newport/CaerleonUsk/Raglan/Monmouth and the similar nunber 63: Cwmbran/Pontypool/Usk/Chepstow which goes on to Tintern.  They arrive and depart from Twyn (pronounced Too-in) Square - which is more of a triangle - and there are benches as well as shelters from which you can enjoy the view of the castle behind the trees at the back, the clock tower in its cobbled surround, two pubs, an excellent butcher's and the chapel, now an art gallery.

Also nearby
   Since this is a blog promoting public transport I will not mention the large, free car park in the middle of town, handy for the Rural Life Museum with its cafe (delicious CAKES), 2 doctors' surgeries, the Co-op, toilets and the cleanest dump in Wales (sorry - recycling centre). However, the bus stops are near all those amenities as well as river walks and shops. Enjoy!

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