Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Savoy Theatre Monmouth

Local entertainment
   Up at the top of town, 10 minutes' walk from the bus station is this delightful little theatre which features live shows, mostly music or comedy, and also presents films: I have just seen Spotlight there in a special afternoon session for £5. It is also host to the films carefully chosen by the local U3A which anyone can attend and which are in the morning on the second Tuesday of the month. 

A little gem
   The interior has a Victorian flavour with red plush seats and reflects the history of the building (summarised in a pamphlet obtainable at the desk). In the past it has been a variety and Magic Lantern theatre and has recently been sensitively renovated. It stands on the oldest known theatre site in Wales but is thriving and popular today whilst retaining a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

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