Friday, 1 April 2016

Dropping Clangers on the bus

  This is not about failing to observe the conventions of Bus Etiquette! It concerns the excellent acronym coined by Dr Phil Hammond in his wise and informative book: Staying Alive. Bus travel can help you to achieve those daily aims and is particularly valuable for those past their youth. If you don't have a free bus pass and are eligible, get one and, if you have one, start using it more and more. Then - drop C.L.A.N.G.E.R.S on your local bus.

  C is for Connect. As the picture shows, bus passengers help one another, chat, smile and discuss what is going on in their community.

   L is for Learn. When you are out and about on the bus you learn from others and from all the local attractions you visit. There is history all around you, in Monmouthshire particularly. You can read or Google on most buses - and one day you might even remember the time-tables!

   A is for be Active. Even walking to your bus stop can add precious steps to your aim of 10,000 a day and you can get a little breathless as you do it. You can go for lovely walks from bus stops and I shall be mentioning some.

   N is for Notice. What could be better than looking out of the window, watching the countryside bowl past and noticing what is going on? Castles and cows! When you arrive you will be fresh to observe everything you find.

   G is for Give. You can give help to others on the bus and, by not using your car, you are giving to a greener environment.

   E is for Eat Well. All the cafes etc I mention on this blog serve good, wholesome food: locally sourced produce can be found all over Monmouthshire in restaurants, markets and specialist shops. Remember, also, the bus riders' ditty: "You're better on a bus than on the sofa eating chips," sung to the tune of John Brown's Body ...

   R is for Relax. You don't need me to tell you how stressful driving can be and parking can be worse. Sit back and enjoy someone else's taking the strain.

   S is for Sleep.  Hmmmm. Perhaps not unless your destination is a terminus! Yet you'll sleep better at night for having had a stress-free day and a microadventure.

My benefit
   Since I sold my car and go everywhere on the bus and on foot I have dropped daily Clangers in this way. I feel so much better - and slimmer - for it. Thank you, Dr Hammond and all buses.

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